Farmhouse Fresh Timescape Micromazing

Farmhouse Fresh Timescape Micromazing

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2 minute age eraser.

Millions of tiny micromazing® natural plant-based fiber particles exfoliate-away the years instantly – making you look and feel super smooth, baby-soft and glowy in just 1 use.

Suitable for all skin types. 

How to use:
Apply pea-size amount to cleansed, dry skin. Use quick, light-handed, brisk movements. Add water for more slip & continue exfoliating. Rinse clean.

Why you’ll love it: Super fast way to have instant glowing refined skin. Your face will feel crazy-soft and you'll that look so fresh, bouncy & healthy... it's one of our absolute favorite must haves! Apply directly on dry, cleansed skin. Use a small dollop, and apply in fast circular motions. Then add a little water - and keep going! Exfoliate crows feet, forehead, cheekbones, in between eyebrows- smooth it all! After a few minutes, rinse clean to see truly amazing, transformed, renewed skin.

Science-backed mega improvement:
Clinical tests revealed in just 12 days of daily use, these exfoliating mega-wonders led to a 46% visual improvement in skin renewal – wiping away the look of imperfections and bringing a healthy, young glow.

Caffeic acid from organic cucumber extract grown on our farm delivers antioxidants, while U.S. grown, non-GMO sunflower oil nourishes your skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. The teeny tiny grains are perfect for even sensitive skin types.